Word Nerd


Word Nerd Language and Education Ltd. is an educational service provider and publisher specializing in foreign languages since 2001. Our mission is simple: to improve the way that foreign languages are taught and used the world over.

As language specialists, we function on four pillars:

  1. Language School
  2. Educational Publisher
  3. Translation and Writing Office
  4. Speakers’ Bureau



WordNerd offers French conferences, workshops and classes – private and group lessons – to adults, adolescents and children.

At Word Nerd, we are focused on results.

Our program is designed to have you reaching your goals in a specific time frame. There is no need for you to take courses indefinitely, as we have an economical and effective plan of action for your learning.

From the first day of classes, you will be putting your newfound French skills into action! Step by step, you will learn how to think in French and avoid word-for-word translation, so you speak and communicate with authenticity.

* For best results, we highly recommend that students take the one-day French Fanatic workshop to learn how to maximize your learning, both inside and outside, of the classroom. Such foundational knowledge speeds up the learning process remarkably.



As a publisher of educational resources, we develop materials adapted to your learning needs at each specific level of instruction. Our classes and resources work together as an integrated whole, so you achieve the best results possible.

Robyn Matthew


Robyn Matthew is the president of Word Nerd Language and Education Ltd., an educational service provider and publisher specializing in foreign languages. She also works as a Canadian contributor to the Collins Dictionary and as an evaluator of the grade 12 French provincial exams for the Ministry of Education. Her past pursuits include being a cultural columnist, exchange student and teacher.

She holds a double major in English and French from UBC and a master of publishing from SFU with a specialization in language textbooks and resources. She has worked both in the French-as-a-second language department at Oxford University Press Canada and the dictionary department at HarperCollins Publishers UK. She now divides her time between her hometown of Vancouver and France where she lived for two years. She has written two books: ‘In Search of… Canadian Culture’ and ‘Language Logic: Practical and Effective Techniques to Learn Any Foreign Language.’

Matthew found success learning languages as an adult. Her desire to improve language education, however, stems from the struggles she once encountered as a high school student in the Canadian education system. Today, she speaks to language learners at high schools, private language schools, universities and corporations about how they too can become successful language learners.