"Robyn Matthew knows what's wrong with language education." —  The Ottawa Citizen


French Fanatic Workshops

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The French Fanatic workshop jump starts your French skills!

At this interactive one-day workshop, you will learn how to think in French and also how to save yourself time, money and years' worth of needless frustration and stagnation in your language pursuits. We teach you the tips, tricks and techniques that will have you speaking French with impressive results, so you will struggle less and enjoy the language more!

"Language learning strategies are important components of a language program and are now recognized as an essential part of successful language learning." BC Ministry of Education

Perfect Pronunciation Workshops

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Speak French, Lose your accent!

Pass yourself off as a native French speaker by learning how to pronounce properly. All your hard work to learn French will be minimized if people misunderstand you. Avoid this frustration by taking this workshop.  

Thanks to her unique training, our French native instructor knows what French sounds pose particular problems to non-native speakers and, most importantly, how to fix them! She aims to have you speaking the language as well as she does.

French-for-the-West Conference

Annual October Conference

At the French-West conference, adult learners can tailor the day to their French needs. We divide into groups and restrain the number of attendees, so each group receives the attention and level-specific instruction they require. All French levels are welcome: beginner, intermediate and advanced.