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The “Language” component of Word Nerd Language and Education is focused on creating quality language resources that make learning logical for students.

Language Logic


ISBN: 978-0-9780641-0-5 | 2007 | $24.95 | BUY NOW

Language Logic is the missing link in foreign language acquisition. It is the essential first read before embarking on any language program. Whatever language you wish to learnÑSpanish, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese, ChineseÑLanguage Logic will show you how!

It teaches the skills that successful language learners use to achieve their linguistic dreams, whether at home or abroad. Instead of rote memorization, the book relies on logic so you can communicate effectively. You’ll learn another language so well that even your understanding of your native tongue will improve!

  • Uses fun, pop culture references that speak to the masses and make learning applicable to real-life situations
  • Explains concepts and techniques simply and easily
  • Reduces the time required to learn a new language
  • Complements any foreign language learning program
  • Ideal for ESL and FSL students, teachers, exchange students, business professionals, politicians, tourists, romantics and many more!


The “Education” component of Word Nerd Language and Education is focused on bringing teachers quality resources that they can use in the classroom to enhance their students’ learning.

Not About the Medal


ISBN: 978-0-9780641-2-9 | APRIL 2012 | $21.95 | BUY NOW

Many children dream of competing in the Olympics. Few do. Even fewer win the gold medal. Does it matter? In a world where winning and endorsement deals take centre stage, has the power of sport and the Olympic dream itself been lost?

After just missing a bronze in the Olympics, Canadian runner Leah Pells was ecstatic. For her, the Olympic dream symbolized more than a medal but a triumph over tumultuous upbringing in the single-parent home of an alcoholic.

From Olympic highs to personal lows, Leah bravely talks about a wide-spread disease while delivering a message of hope. By turning hardship into inspiration, Leah shows readers how to lead a life of Olympic proportions no matter what their beginnings.

In Search of… Canadian Culture

ISBN: 978-0-9780641-0-5 | 2007 | $24.95 | BUY NOW

From spelling to Speedos, In Search of… Canadian Culture delivers a humorous, charming and often poignant glimpse into the cultural idiosyncrasies of life in Canada and abroad.

Based on the popular column “Robyn Around Town” from the bilingual, multicultural newspaper The/La Source, this book sizzles with sass and oozes with originality. Every article offers a refreshing alternative to commonplace ideas and reveals staggering insights into Western society that hold a world of truth.

“Robyn is a talented writer who possesses a great depth of insight. To articulate and express innuendo in writing is extremely difficult, and yet she does it with ease.”
Drew Talley, reader of The/La Source

“In Search of… Canadian Culture presents cultural reflections on the 21st century while being laugh-out loud funny!”
Heather Young, fashion model and author, More Than A Pretty Face: The Essential Handbook for Canadian Models